Saturday, August 14, 2010

' take '

Berusahalah di dunia seakan-akan engkau akan hidup selama-lamanya,berusahalah untuk akhirat seakan-akan engkau akan mati esoknya

Salam. Here is an article to share with you all.

< starting >
SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah
Those are the first few words that I uttered as I forced my sleepy eyes open, with my hands reaching out towards my alarm and my fingers trying to find my favorite button on my clock-the mute button.  

In all honesty, this is one of the most challenging times for me- eating sahur. It is not so much of the waking up part that I have problem with, but it is actual act of eating during the wee hours of the morning.

Yup, I do particularly like eating during such hour. No, Sir, I don't!

Even if I am already awake during that time to do my work, I still prefer not to put anything in my mouth.
Needless to say, for so many years, I have successfully avoided eating my sahur. I remembered how beautiful and very patient late mother used to drag me out of my bed to get me to eat. And when I got too heavy for her to do so, she would keep on sending people to my room until I dragged myself out of my bed.

Yes, that was the History Channel between me and the noble act of fasting.
That was until one day I discovered this one hadith of Prophet Muhammad when he said,

" Take sahur as it is a blessing "        ( Al-Bukhari and Muslim )

And yes, those are words that have managed to 'force' me out of my bed every single time.
 No, wait a minute, actually there is only one word in that whole hadith that had literally 'kicked me' out of my bed since then.
Do you want to know which one?
Well, the word is...take...
Yup, that is the word. An instruction that is so simple, yet so significant to me.

Because our beloved Prophet Muhammad said...take...
When he says...take...and I don't, doesn't it sound like I am saying to my beloved Prophet, 'Nope, no thanks, I don't want to!'
And what am I saying no to?
Yes, you got it. The blessings that come when I take sahur!

Doesn't it mean that if I don't wake up for sahur, I am not accepting blessings that Allah, my Lord, has decided to give me?
Can you imagine not wanting to accept something that Allah, our Lord, wants to give us?Can you imagine saying no to the blessings our Creator has prepared for us?Can you imagine rejecting an offer by the Owner of the universe?
I mean, isn't great that Allah is rewarding us for eating? It is like he is saying- wake up, have some food and receive some blessings too! As I ate my sahur that day, I could not stop thinking of how Kind and Loving my Creator is.

Just ask ourselves-why should we be rewarded for eating, right? Isn't a full tummy in itself is a reward? And isn't having food on our table a blessing from Him too, you agree?

But, because Allah is the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, He wants us all to have extras, more and above of what we deserve.
It is not enough that He has blesses us with food on our table,but he would further bless us when we eat the same food for sahur too!
Awesome, right? Totally!

And you know someting, my brothers and sisters?
I found that even by doing the barest minimum, I will still get the blessings of sahur.
Do you want to know what the barest minimum, the least and the smallest act that we can do to earn the blessings he promised us when we eat sahur?

Well, this is the answer!
Look at the hadith below,

" Eating sahur i s blessed. Do not neglect it even if you take a gulp of water."   ( Ibn Hibban )

Just a gulp of water, just a gulp of water and we are all good!
But when I have a question in my head, when exactly is the sahur time?

From my little arabic language understanding, I know that the meaning of sahur actually is derives from word sahar that means the night time immediately before dawn.
But, is that really what it is? I was wondering until I found this hadith confirming my understanding,

" Eat and drink until Ibn Umm Maktum makes his call to prayer. He does not make it until 
the break of dawn "   ( Al-Bukhari )

Yes, this is the answer! Alhamdulillah.

So, when should we take this gulp of water again?

Yup, at the break of dawn my friends, not before you sleep at midnight; the first or second half of the night; but at........the break of dawn.....the meal that you take just before dawn! Because that is what the word sahur really means...

And if we can just do that, His Blessings will be showered upon us, just like the beautiful rain that springs life the moment it falls unto the dry desert...
Imagine how wonderful our day would be being showered with His Blessings!

Let us pause for a moment and count all of His Blessings that we have received in our life- day in day out, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the time we fall asleep. Even while we are sleeping, there are millions of His Blessings that He has bestowed upon us, right?

Our hearts are still beating, our bodies are still resting, we are still breathing without difficulty, our eyelashes protect us from dust, our skin still holds our flesh together, our teeth stay in our gums and do not fall off!
Have we ever thanked Allah for keeping our teeth in their place and not having to find them all over the floor when we wake up every morning?
Just imagine having to pick each and every one of our 36 teeth we have, and then having to stick them back in into the right places!

But, if you are not like me and would really love and want to eat something for sahur, Prophet Muhammad has a menu for you. he really has!

The Messenger of Allah has said,

" The best sahur for the believer is dates "   ( Abu Daud, Al-Baihaqi and Ibn Hibban )

The best sahur for us is to actually eat dates, my friends. Dates. Simple but that's the best. SubhanAllah!
I promise myself that it is water and dates for me from this day onwards for my sahur, inshaAllah!

So, what do we have to do again to receive blessings- wake up for sahur at the break of dawn, drink at least a gulp of water and eat some dates.

It that still very hard for us to do?

Absolutely not.

Bon Appetite everyone!

< ending >

This article is copied directly from this book : 
Life is an Open Secret- Ramadhan Special

Alhamdulillah I got the chance to see her and read her book. Interesting!
And her story is actually almost same with me. Sometimes I  feel so lazy to wake up for sahur, only when   
I'm staying alone here.
But...Alhamdullilah, for this 1st day untill 4th day of Ramadhan, I  woke up 10 minutes before imsak and I think that's the best time to drink a gulp of water and some dates. Then, get ready to pray. Hopefully, I get this precious time everyday during Ramadhan, inshaAllah.

p/s : make sure you guys have dates stock in your room or house ^_^

That's all.



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